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Re: debian.org/chinese ??

On Wed, Jan 26, 2000 at 07:20:06AM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
|I just got lost in my Lisp/X hacking...
|Wanna to have an alternative fun job to cope with for a while...
|Hmmm... the Debian.Org/Chinese... 

that's _very_ welcome :>

|Haven't peek at it deeply. seems things get different now...
|Can someone introduce how to translate an English web pages into Chinese
|I mean, oh yeah, i've read those HOWTO's presented in Debian.Org long
|ago, and for quite sometimes. ;)
|I mean if I work on GB files, xxx.wml.gb, seems they have got very
|old timestamps, just as i left last year... heh. whatelse do i need
|to do? and if i reorganize the Debian.Org/Chinese and reverse-translate
|it into webwml/english/chinese, what shall I be cared with? is there
|a guideline-like documents? What about the contents? Is there a contents
|policy? Who is currently in charge of webwml/chinese?

I'm currently in charge of the website translation, until someone
wants to take the job (and I'm actually waiting for someone to take
the job :-))

Let me explain how the translation is done:

1. For all web pages except those under www.debian.org/chinese,
   everything is translated to Traditional Chinese (Big5). All the
   files named *.wml.gb in the CVS are _NOT_ being used at this

   The GB pages you see in the web site are converted from Big5 to GB
   during the compilation stage.

   I know this is very inconvenient to our Mainland friends, but I'm
   not wise enough to solve this problem. Suggestions to solve it are
   much appreciated.

2. For the pages under www.debian.org/chinese (that is, the Debian
   Chinese Project pages), you can put the English version in
   webwml/english/chinese in the CVS. So you need to make that
   directory first.

   I think dropping an email to debian-www mailing list to say what we
   are doing is good too, just to let other people know.

|Sorry for my awhile-in-awhile-out of this. ;) I just am seekin a way
|to earn my living all the time, not a easy thing to cope with... :(
|and i did heap of fault all the way through... (wish it'd be heap
|of money... alas fault!)

Wish you good luck.

Anthony Wong.

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