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Re: FORW: [patch] ʻת 1.3 (fwd)


Sunday, January 23, 2000, 11:19:41 AM, you wrote:

xR1FH> Found this <Pine.LNX.4.10.10001230421370.1857-100000@mylinux.cgu.edu.tw> in tlug.cle-devel:

xR1FH> == BEGIN forwarded message ==

xR1FH> From: informer@mylinux.cgu.edu.tw
xR1FH> Newsgroups: tlug.cle-devel
xR1FH> Subject: [patch] ·±¼ò´Ê»ãת»» 1.3 (fwd)
xR1FH> Date: 23 Jan 2000 04:24:26 +0800
This seems interesting.
I am planing rewriting autconvert in holiday, using
phrasing and supporting GBK in the next version.
If I can let it support words to words converting
between big5 and gbk, xixi ;),I think it would be
more useful.


Best regards,
 Yu                            mailto:ygh@dlut.edu.cn

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