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Re: input chinese in Netscape (!= mozilla)

(zw) after some dirty and quick hack, now i can input chinese
(zw) characters into Netscape (somewhat, not clean and very rough, not
(zw) directly indeed, i even don't have an Input method here. ;-) no
(zw) LD_PERLOAD or Xlib hack involved, heh. I bet it will be quite fine
(zw) to be put into Debian.).

(zw) but i cannot manage Netscape to display it correctly, though if i
(zw) input in some forms and then post it, it can show up as expected,
(zw) you can see my post example in http://forum.linux.net.cn/ my id
(zw) there is `zw'. ;-)

(zw) Someone can help me? Thanks! I will post my code snip later after
(zw) Iclean it up and get an IM for it. Idealy I will integrate it with
(zw) XCIN? ;-) i'm not quite familiar with XCIN, and I'm tempated to
(zw) not write C, but Scheme instead. ;-)

(thhsieh) XCIN already has the ability to input into Netscape. The
(thhsieh) Netscape-4.7 is better. Please refer to

(thhsieh) http://xcin.linux.org.tw/xcin-2.5/2.5.1/UserGuide.html

(thhsieh) search for "Netscape" as the keyword. And then please note
(thhsieh) for

(thhsieh) http://xcin.linux.org.tw/xcin-2.5/2.5.1/FAQ.html

(thhsieh) also search for "Netscape" as the keyword. Note that now we
(thhsieh) only tested the zh_TW.Big5 locale, and it works fine. But
(thhsieh) for zh_CN.GB2312 locale we still haven't tested it.

Thanks for point me these infomation. I have just
 apt-get install xcin

hmmm... ;-) I didn't say it clear enough. My way is not an XIM server
as XCIN, this way don't need clients to be XIM compliant. And do not use
any XIM protocols. So there won't be such `Destroy IC' headache. And
any version of Emacs will do. ;-) I will test these `promise' tonight.
Think there will be no problems, since the idea is quite clean. ;-)

My headache is that I use a different way to input Chinese Characters
into clients, I use `cut buffer' while I'm still not sure howto make
clients recognize the Chinese characters in the `cut buffer'. I guess
I will feel the pain later... even now...

I'm still reading ICCCM, seems there's a way to recognize if the
requestorclient want to. But how can I make it `want to recognize' ?? :P

The _little_ advantage of this new way is that it is not an _XIM Sever_ 
not an _Xlib Hack_ not a _LD_PRELOAD Hack_, but a humble way... hehe...

Best regards,

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