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Re: Re[2]: HKSCS Font from Arphic

: On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, hashao wrote:
: > It's my first impression too. But I cannot open it
: > using any font manager tools in My English Windows. When
: > I try to open it with ftview comes the freetype-tool packages,
: > the font does openned successfully but the glyph are
: > all wrong (except the first one). I figure it has something
: > more than standard ttf.

I was able to with things like gfontview .. :o

: How about xmbdfed?  I was able to open up GCCS .tte files with it before,
: but the Unicode cmaps map entirely to PUA staritng with E000--I think
: because those are the PUA mappings for all Big5 EUDC gaiji in Windows.

That's how the government did it - just map the EUDC area in Big5
directly into the PUA.  This is where HKSCS differs from GCCS.

: Maybe just saying "HKSCS" is fine, since that more or less implies Big5
: because no one is just going to use HKSCS by itself.  (But in the past,
: there were strange things like Pan-Chinese Windows NT, which uses GBK,
: to add on ~1,500 characters from GCCS which weren't already in GBK,
: so "GCCS" didn't imply Big5 as a base character set there.)

I disagree - HKSCS includes mappings in both Big5 and ISO10646.

: Perhaps something else to consider in the naming scheme for
: consistency/compatibility is how to handle Big5 w/ various EUDC... Can I
: send you a document in "zh_HK.Big5-DynalabHKA" or
: "zh_HK.Big5-AppleDaily" or "zh_TW.Big5-InstituteOfZoology" or am I just
: out of luck because those are treated as vendor character sets?

Hmm ..
Therefore I suggest zh_HK.big5hkscs, since this minimises the chances of 
confusion. :p

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