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Re: Stretch release party, in Beijing (Was: Stretch release party)

在 2017年6月9日星期五 +08 下午4:47:17,Tong Hui 写道:
> Wiki updated. But still needs some extra info.
> On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 8:54 AM, Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> wrote:
> > Hi Boyuan.
> > 
> > > I just had a discussion with Tong Hui and Tsinghua TUNA Association
> > 
> > about the
> > 
> > > schedule around Release Party. Here's an appropirate arrangement:
> > Excellent! Can someone update the wiki with this info with locations,
> > links, addresses etc.?
> > 
> > https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch#ReleasePartyStretch.2FChina.
> > 2FBeijing.China:_Beijing

        6月17日下午将在清华大学举办 Debian 9 发布庆祝活动,欢迎各位的参与。详细活动安排请见
[1] 的 Debian Wiki 页面。

[1]  https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch/China/Beijing


Hello all,

As you might know, we are going to have a party to celebrate the release of 
Debian Stretch (Debian 9) in Beijing.

We have (finally) finished the arrangement for the activity. Do check out our 
Debian Wiki page for detailed information (time table, transportation, maps, 
etc)! (See https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch/China/Beijing)

Plain text is copied here as follows:


When: 2017年6月17日下午2时(北京时间) || June 17, 14:00 CST (UTC+8)

Where: 清华大学李兆基科技大楼B-558(Tsinghua University Lee Shau Kee Science and 
Technology Building, B-558)(Map)、魔豆咖啡(Model Coffee (Tsinghua Branch)(Map OSM, 
Map Google))

What: Debian Stretch Release Celebration, some free talks, Q&A, GPG signing, 
etc. Some food/drinks in a cafe later that day.

Provided: Debian GNU/Linux stickers from the DPL, Stickers from LUG@USTC, 
location for 50 people, a projector?

Bring: Yourself with laptop or other device, GPG keys/fingerprints (if any), 
some money (if wish to join dinner/cafe, avg price RMB ¥60 or higher)

Detailed info:
    Time Arrangement:
        14:00 -- 16:30 Meeting, talks and discussions in Lee Shao Kee Sci&Tech 
Building B-558
        17:00 -- 19:00 Food, drinks with free discussions in Model Coffee (At 
your own expense) 

    Underground/Metro: 北京地铁十三号线五道口站下车,西行至清华大学(Line 13 at Wudaokou Station, go 
west and enter Tsinghua University from South Gate)
    Taxi: 清华大学南门(South Gate of Tsinghua University) 

Boyuan Yang

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