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Re: Stretch release party, in Beijing (Was: Stretch release party)

在 2017年6月6日星期二 +08 上午9:05:22,Chris Lamb 写道:
> Hi Tong,
> > The event information already updated here
> > https://wiki.debian.org/ReleasePartyStretch#ReleasePartyStretch.2FChina.2F
> > Beijing.China:_Beijing .
> > 
> > It will be some talks before party time, so could please share some your
> > Debian and FOSS experience ?
> I won't have anything prepared, but very happy to answer questions. Are
> we "piggy-backing" on another meeting...?

Hello all,

I just had a discussion with Tong Hui and Tsinghua TUNA Association about the 
schedule around Release Party. Here's an appropirate arrangement:

* Activity will begin at around 2 p.m. on Jun. 17th at the meeting room, where 
university students, enthusiasts and Debian contributors may have free 
discussions and Q/A around their works and character in Debian and FOSS 
community. GPG signing may happen as well.

   Talks or keynotes/presentations are not required, but that is acceptable if 
enthusiasts are willing to show their certain works. Projector available in 
the room.

* After that, it is planned to find a cafe (most likely in Tsinghua University) 
and continue the Party with some drinks. Discussions and conversations may 


As for native DDs, the latest news is that one DD (aron) might show up at the 
party, but not 100% certain.

Boyuan Yang

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