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Re: Debian Installer translation update for zh-TW

Le 08/06/2017 à 09:01, Medical Wei a écrit :
Hi Christian,

Welcome to Taiwan! Would you mind meeting us IRL?

Well, as I wrote, this is not me visiting Taiwan, but my son Jean-Baptiste who works in Canada in embarked electronics (yeah, I'm old enough to have a son working overseas for quite some time now...;-) ).

He's currently visiting some of their hardware prodivers in Hsinchu. I actualy doubt he would have time for RL meeting though he is a Debian user (and will very probably attend the next Debconf in Montreal).

Still, just in case, I can give him pointers in case he would like (and would have time) to meet some local FLOSS-involved folks, for sure.

I applied d-i translator in Alioth and I can push commits (as well as
Shih-Yuan Lee, a new DD in Taiwan. If I am not available for d-i
translation we have another people to work on).

That's great, you did very well. Thank you for your work.

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