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Re: Where is Foxmail Source Code

于 2013-1-15 2:54, Hormatzhan Yiltiz 在来信中写道:
Anyone can find out the original source code of Foxmail
My Google did not show it, but I suppose since it were distributed in the public domain before it was made proprietary, we can find its source code.
I'd like to fork it.

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I am afraid Foxmail is just a freeware all the time, not a free or open source software. At least I have never heard of.
我印象中 Foxmail 一直以来都只是一个 免费软件,从来不是 自由软件 或者 开源软件。在它被商业公司收购之前也听过说曾经公开源代码,或者进行过相关的授权。

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