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Re: win32-loader translation missing for your language to complete 100% in Debian Installer level 3

Only  "GNU/Hurd" ?

On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 5:52 AM, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> You are noted as the last translator of the translation for
> win32-loader.
> Completing this translation will make your language complete for
> Debian Installer level 3.
> So, as this is a very small update, you might want to consider it..:-)
> Thanks in advance,

YunQiang Su
# Simplified Chinese translation for win32-loader.
# Copyright (C) 2007-2008 The win32-loader project.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the win32-loader package.
# Deng Xiyue <manphiz@gmail.com>, 2008.
# Qijiang Fan <fqj1994@gmail.com>, 2011.
# YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com>, 2010, 2012.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: win32-loader\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: win32-loader@packages.debian.org\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-09-27 13:40+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-01-22 00:51+0800\n"
"Last-Translator: YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese (simplified) <i18n-zh@googlegroups.com>\n"
"Language: \n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bits\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"

#. translate:
#. This must be a valid string recognised by Nsis.  If your
#. language is not yet supported by Nsis, please translate the
#. missing Nsis part first.
#: win32-loader.sh:36 win32-loader.c:39

#. translate:
#. This must be the string used by GNU iconv to represent the charset used
#. by Windows for your language.  If you don't know, check
#. [wine]/tools/wmc/lang.c, or http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/reference/WinCP.mspx
#. IMPORTANT: In the rest of this file, only the subset of UTF-8 that can be
#. converted to this charset should be used.
#: win32-loader.sh:52
msgid "windows-1252"
msgstr "gbk"

#. translate:
#. Charset used by NTLDR in your localised version of Windows XP.  If you
#. don't know, maybe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page helps.
#: win32-loader.sh:57
msgid "cp437"
msgstr "cp936"

#. translate:
#. The name of your language _in English_ (must be restricted to ascii)
#: win32-loader.sh:67
msgid "English"
msgstr "Chinese (Simplified)"

#. translate:
#. IMPORTANT: only the subset of UTF-8 that can be converted to NTLDR charset
#. (e.g. cp437) should be used in this string.  If you don't know which charset
#. applies, limit yourself to ascii. $target_distro; will be "Debian" and $kernel_name;
#. will be either "GNU/Linux", "GNU/kFreeBSD" or "GNU/Hurd" (in ASCII)
#: win32-loader.sh:82
#, sh-format
msgid "$target_distro $kernel_name - Continue with install process"
msgstr "$target_distro $kernel_name - 继续安装进程"

#. translate:
#. IMPORTANT: only the subset of UTF-8 that can be converted to NTLDR charset
#. (e.g. cp437) should be used in this string.  If you don't know which charset
#. applies, limit yourself to ascii.
#: win32-loader.sh:88
msgid "PXE - Network boot"
msgstr "PXE - 网络启动"

#. translate:
#. The nlf file for your language should be found in
#. /usr/share/nsis/Contrib/Language files/
#: win32-loader.c:68
msgid "English.nlf"
msgstr "SimpChinese.nlf"

#. translate:
#. This is the program name, that appears in the installer windows captions and in the Windows Uninstaller dialog.
#. Ampersands (&) are _forbidden_ in that string.
#: win32-loader.c:75
msgid "Debian-Installer loader"
msgstr "Debian安装程序加载器"

#: win32-loader.c:76
msgid "Cannot find win32-loader.ini."
msgstr "无法找到 win32-loader.ini"

#: win32-loader.c:77
msgid "win32-loader.ini is incomplete.  Contact the provider of this medium."
msgstr "win32-loader.ini 不完整。请联系此文件的提供者。"

#: win32-loader.c:78
msgid ""
"This program has detected that your keyboard type is \"$0\".  Is this "
msgstr "本程序检测到您的键盘类型是“$0”。这是正确的吗?"

#: win32-loader.c:79
msgid ""
"Please send a bug report with the following information:\n"
" - Version of Windows.\n"
" - Country settings.\n"
" - Real keyboard type.\n"
" - Detected keyboard type.\n"
"Thank you."
msgstr ""
" - Windows 的版本。\n"
" - 国家设置。\n"
" - 真实键盘类型。\n"
" - 检测到的键盘类型。\n"

#: win32-loader.c:80
msgid ""
"There doesn't seem to be enough free disk space in drive $c.  For a complete "
"desktop install, it is recommended to have at least 3 GB.  If there is "
"already a separate disk or partition for this install, or if you plan to "
"replace Windows completely, you can safely ignore this warning."
msgstr ""
"驱动器 $c 似乎没有足够的空闲空间。为了完整安装桌面系统,建议至少有 3 GB 的剩"
"余空间。如果已经有独立的磁盘或分区用以安装,或者您计划完全取代 Windows,您可"

#: win32-loader.c:81
msgid "Error: not enough free disk space.  Aborting install."
msgstr "错误:没有足够的空闲磁盘空间。终止安装。"

#: win32-loader.c:82
msgid "This program doesn't support Windows $windows_version yet."
msgstr "本程序尚未支持 Windows $windows_version。"

#: win32-loader.c:83
msgid ""
"The system version you're trying to install is designed to run on modern, 64-"
"bit computers.  However, your computer is incapable of running 64-bit "
"Use the 32-bit (\"i386\") version, or the Multi-arch version which is able "
"to install either of them.\n"
"This installer will abort now."
msgstr ""
"您正在试图安装的 Debian 版本是为运行在现代64位计算机系统上设计的。但是,您的"

#: win32-loader.c:84
msgid ""
"Your computer is capable of running modern, 64-bit operating systems.  "
"However, the system version you're trying to install is designed to run on "
"older, 32-bit hardware.\n"
"You may still proceed with this install, but in order to take the most "
"advantage of your computer, we recommend that you use the 64-bit (\"amd64\") "
"version instead, or the Multi-arch version which is able to install either "
"of them.\n"
"Would you like to abort now?"
msgstr ""
"您的计算机可以运行现代 64 位操作系统。但您正在试图安装的 Debian 版本是为旧的 "
"32 位硬件设计的。\n"
"您仍然可以进行此安装,但为了能最大限度发挥您计算机的性能,我们建议您使用 64 "

#. translate:
#. "system partition" and "boot partition" are defined by Microsoft to mean the opposite of what a
#. normal person would expect they mean, so please keep the quotes, and translate them as literally
#. as possible.  Also, I suggest you use the same term used in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314470
#. if that is available for your language.
#: win32-loader.c:92
msgid ""
"Unable to find \"system partition\", assuming it is the same as the \"boot "
"partition\" ($c)."
msgstr "无法找到“系统分区”,假设其和“启动分区”($c) 相同 "

#: win32-loader.c:93 win32-loader.c:104
msgid "Select install mode:"
msgstr "选择安装模式:"

#: win32-loader.c:94
msgid "Normal mode.  Recommended for most users."
msgstr "标准模式。建议大多数用户使用。"

#: win32-loader.c:95
msgid ""
"Expert mode.  Recommended for expert users who want full control of the "
"install process."
msgstr "专家模式。建议想完全控制安装过程的专家用户使用。"

#: win32-loader.c:96
msgid "PXE mode: install a PXE loader to allow remote kernel loading."
msgstr "PXE模式:安装PXE引导器来允许远程内核加载。"

#: win32-loader.c:97
msgid "Select action:"
msgstr "选择动作:"

#: win32-loader.c:98
msgid "Begin install on this computer."
msgstr "在这台计算机上开始安装"

#: win32-loader.c:99
msgid "Repair an installed system (rescue mode)."
msgstr "修复已安装的系统(急救模式)"

#: win32-loader.c:100
msgid "Select the kernel:"
msgstr "选择内核:"

#: win32-loader.c:101
msgid "GNU/Linux"
msgstr "GNU/Linux"

#: win32-loader.c:102
msgid "GNU/kFreeBSD"
msgstr "GNU/kFreeBSD"

#: win32-loader.c:103
msgid "GNU/Hurd"
msgstr "GNU/Hurd"

#: win32-loader.c:105
msgid "Graphical install"
msgstr "图形化安装"

#: win32-loader.c:106
msgid "Text install"
msgstr "文本化安装"

#: win32-loader.c:107
#, c-format
msgid "Downloading %s"
msgstr "正在下载 %s"

#: win32-loader.c:108
msgid "Connecting ..."
msgstr "正在连接 ..."

#: win32-loader.c:109
msgid "second"
msgstr "秒"

#: win32-loader.c:110
msgid "minute"
msgstr "分钟"

#: win32-loader.c:111
msgid "hour"
msgstr "小时"

#. translate:
#. This string is appended to "second", "minute" or "hour" to make plurals.
#. I know it's quite unfortunate.  An alternate method for translating NSISdl
#. has been proposed [1] but in the meantime we'll have to cope with this.
#. [1] http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1656076&group_id=22049&atid=373087
#: win32-loader.c:119
msgid "s"
msgstr " "

#: win32-loader.c:120
#, c-format
msgid "%dkB (%d%%) of %dkB at %d.%01dkB/s"
msgstr "%dkB (%d%%) 共 %dkB 速度 %d.%01dkB/s"

#: win32-loader.c:121
#, c-format
msgid " (%d %s%s remaining)"
msgstr " (还剩 %d %s%s)"

#: win32-loader.c:122
msgid "Select which version of Debian-Installer to use:"
msgstr "请选择使用哪个版本的 Debian 安装程序:"

#: win32-loader.c:123
msgid "Stable release.  This will install Debian \"stable\"."
msgstr "稳定版。这将安装 Debian “稳定版”。"

#: win32-loader.c:124
msgid ""
"Daily build.  This is the development version of Debian-Installer.  It will "
"install Debian \"testing\" by default, and may be capable of installing "
"\"stable\" or \"unstable\" as well."
msgstr ""
"每日编译版。这是开发版本的 Debian 安装程序。它将默认安装 Debian “测试版”,而"

#. translate:
#. You might want to mention that so-called "known issues" page is only available in English.
#: win32-loader.c:129
msgid ""
"It is recommended that you check for known issues before using a daily "
"build.  Would you like to do that now?"
msgstr "我们建议您查看在使用每日编译版之前先查看其已知问题。您现在想查看吗?"

#: win32-loader.c:130
msgid "Desktop environment:"
msgstr "桌面环境:"

#: win32-loader.c:131
msgid "None"
msgstr "无"

#: win32-loader.c:132
msgid ""
"The following parameters will be used.  Do NOT change any of these unless "
"you know what you're doing."
msgstr "将会设置使用以下参数。请“不要”做任何修改除非您知道您在做什么。"

#: win32-loader.c:133
msgid "Proxy settings (host:port):"
msgstr "代理设置(主机:端口):"

#: win32-loader.c:134
msgid "Location of boot.ini:"
msgstr "boot.ini 的位置:"

#: win32-loader.c:135
msgid "Base URL for netboot images (linux and initrd.gz):"
msgstr "网络启动映像(linux 和 initrd.gz)所在的网络目录:"

#: win32-loader.c:136
msgid "Error"
msgstr "错误"

#: win32-loader.c:137
msgid "Error: failed to copy $0 to $1."
msgstr "错误:复制 $0 到 $1 失败。"

#. translate:
#. $0 will be "Release" (it is a filename).
#: win32-loader.c:142
msgid "Checking GPG signature on $0."
msgstr "正在检查$0的GPG签名。"

#. translate:
#. $0 will be "Release" (it is a filename).
#: win32-loader.c:147
msgid "The downloaded $0 file cannot be trusted! Aborting."
msgstr "下载的$0文件不被信任!终止。"

#. translate:
#. This appears in a MessageBox when the md5 checksum verification failed. $0 is a url; $2 is the filename $1 is the
#. computed checksum and $4 is the expected one.
#: win32-loader.c:153
msgid "Checksum mismatch for $0/$2. Got $1 when expecting $4. Aborting."
msgstr "$0/$2的校验和不匹配。期待$4而计算结果是$1。终止。"

#. translate:
#. $2 is a filename
#: win32-loader.c:158
msgid "Computing checksum for $2"
msgstr "正在计算$2的校验和"

#: win32-loader.c:159
msgid "Generating $0"
msgstr "正在创建 $0"

#: win32-loader.c:160
msgid "Appending preseeding information to $0"
msgstr "正在将预置信息追加到 $0"

#: win32-loader.c:161
msgid "Error: unable to run $0."
msgstr "错误:无法运行 $0。"

#: win32-loader.c:162
msgid "Disabling NTFS compression in bootstrap files"
msgstr "正在禁用引导文件中的 NTFS 压缩"

#: win32-loader.c:163
msgid "Registering in NTLDR"
msgstr "正在 NTLDR 中注册"

#: win32-loader.c:164
msgid "Registering in BootMgr"
msgstr "正在 BootMgr 中注册"

#: win32-loader.c:165
msgid "Error: failed to parse bcdedit.exe output."
msgstr "错误:解析 bcdedit.exe 的输出失败。"

#: win32-loader.c:166
msgid "Error: $0 not found.  Is this really Windows $windows_version?"
msgstr "错误:无法找到 $0。这确实是 Windows $windows_version 吗?"

#: win32-loader.c:167
msgstr "“非常重要的提示”:\\n\\n"

#. translate:
#. The following two strings are mutualy exclusive.  win32-loader
#. will display one or the other depending on version of Windows.
#. Take into account that either option has to make sense in our
#. current context (i.e. be careful when using pronouns, etc).
#: win32-loader.c:175
msgid ""
"The second stage of this install process will now be started.  After your "
"confirmation, this program will restart Windows in DOS mode, and "
"automatically load the next part of the install process.\\n\\n"
msgstr ""
"安装进程的第二阶段现在即将开始。在您确认以后,本程序将会重启 Windows 到 DOS "

#: win32-loader.c:176
msgid ""
"You need to reboot in order to proceed with the install process.  During "
"your next boot, you will be asked whether you want to start Windows or "
"continue with the install process.\\n\\n"
msgstr ""
"您需要重启来进行您的安装。在您下次启动过程中,您将会被询问是想要启动 Windows "

#: win32-loader.c:177
msgid ""
"During the install process, you will be offered the possibility of either "
"reducing your Windows partition or completely replacing it.  In both cases, "
"it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you have previously made a backup of your "
"data.  The authors of this software will NOT take ANY RESPONSIBILITY in the "
"event of data loss.\\n\\nOnce your install is complete (and if you have "
"chosen to keep Windows in your disk), you can uninstall this loader through "
"the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog in Control Panel."
msgstr ""
"在安装过程中,您将可以选择减小您的 Windows 分区还是完全替换。无论哪种情"
"任”。\\n\\n一旦您的安装完成(而且如果您选择在您的磁盘上保留 Windows),您可以通"
"过 Windows 控制面板中的添加/删除程序对话框来卸载此加载程序。"

#: win32-loader.c:178
msgid "Do you want to reboot now?"
msgstr "您想现在重新启动吗?"

#~ msgid "Debian Installer"
#~ msgstr "Debian 安装程序"

#~ msgid "Debconf preseed line:"
#~ msgstr "Debconf 预置行:"

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