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Re: 请删除关于 Debian 中文名称的错误新闻

2011/3/16 jobinson <jobinson99@gmail.com>:
> hello, i am the translator of the chinese debian name :diebian(蝶变).
> the translation brings these below:
> 1, its chinese pronunciation sounds like debian in english
> 2, it comes from an ancient love story in chinese ,maybe with the name of
> butterfly love story in english. and it would be fit for the source of the
> word -- debian
> 3, it also shows the stable step-forward of the debian and the pkg.
> 4, the chinese name also bring the good willings to the wide-spread
> influence like the butterfly effect.

First of all, we are not arguing about whether this translation is
good or not, but your way of doing things in the community. We need to
coordinate with others first before we do something that may cause
impact to our project.

Be easy, your proposal is a nice one, :-)

Aron Xu

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