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Re: 怎样播放 wmv 后缀的文件?

2010/6/22 wolfman.wu <r6aix@21cn.com>:
> 用 Totem 播放,出错报告说:
> The playback of this movie requires the following decoders which are not
> installed:
> video/x-asf-unknown decoder
> Windows Media Speech decoder

grabbed from http://wiki.debian.org/WindowsMediaVideo

WMV1 is supported by all video players.


WMV2 is supported by all video players except players based on
xine-lib (like totem-xine, kaffeine and of course xine-ui) prior to
Debian 4 when not using w32codecs.


WMV3 is supported by all players except, prior to Debian lenny,
totem-gstreamer and, when not using w32codecs, players based on


MSS2 can be played by MPlayer (or KMPlayer using MPlayer) with w32codecs.

thus, try out vlc and mplayer.
if they don't work, try installing gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg
gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly.

i don't have any wmv files around, so i can't do the test for you.

tell us what you did and the respective results.


> 请问, 在那里可以找到所需的解码器? 我的过程是否有做错的地方?
> 谢谢!
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