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Re: Error when installing flashplugin-nonfree on sid amd64

On Saturday 16 August 2008 16:26:29 Star Liu wrote:
> Here is the output when i install flashplugin-nonfree on sid amd64
> -----------------------
> Setting up flashplugin-nonfree (1:1.6.2) ...
> wget failed to download
> http://people.debian.org/~bartm/flashplugin-nonfree/md5.pgp.asc
> -----------------------
> in fact, i can get the file successfully by manully typing "wget
> http://people.debian.org/~bartm/flashplugin-nonfree/md5.pgp.asc";
> i need to install it for i want to view some video in flash 9 format
> by iceweasel. Anyone can help me? thanks

You can fetch manually flash plug-in and copy it into the plugins directory.


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