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Re: 关于软件包的翻译

On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 09:42:44AM +0800, nuo mi wrote:
> 顺便请教大家一个不会翻译的地方:
> These programs log the client host name of incoming telnet,
> ftp, rsh, rlogin, finger etc. requests. Security options are:
> access control per host, domain and/or service; detection of
> host name spoofing or host address spoofing; booby traps to
> implement an early-warning system.
> 这里面最后一个分句"booby traps to implement an early-warning 
> system"
> 是什么意思呢? 
> 我猜是说提供的某种自测试机制,帮助发现系统漏洞,实现早期预警
> 不知道对不对,大家觉得该怎么翻译呢

Booby trap 本来是个军事术语,指设置于非军事区域的由人触发的杀伤性武器。

详细介绍可参见 wikipedia:


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