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Re: Chinese Input Method similar to Windows IME?

Curt Howland <Howland@priss.com> writes:

> Good afternoon.


> I have been maintaining a Win2K box for my wife, who uses it for
> Japanese and Chinese. I'm sick of reinstalling/repairing, and would
> like to know if any of the Chinese character entry systems available
> in Debian function like the Windows IME system? She's very
> comfortable with IME, and I would like to be able to offer her
> something that wasn't completely different.

I'd think SCIM is suitable for you, it's a IM platform, which you
may use scim-pinyin (chinese pinyin IM), and different scim-table-*
other IMs on it.

> I'm also not a subscriber to this list, please cc me directly, since I 
> don't speak Chinese beyond "Nihow". Suggestions for packages to 
> install? I'd prefer to put her on Stable, rather than unstable.

Yes, SCIM is in sarge too, and there's a different name for scim-pinyin,
which is scim-chinese.

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