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ITP: dict-xdict -- An English to Chinese Dictionary

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : dict-xdict
 Version         : 0.1
 Upstream Author : Fu Jianjun
* URL or Web page : (none)
* License         : GNU GPL
 Description     : An English to Chinese Dictionary

 This package contains the XDict, the Free English to Chinese
 Dictionary, which originally developed by Fu Jianjun, formatted
 for use by the dictionary server in the dictd package.
 This package will be of limited use without the server found
 in the dictd package.

there are very few free dictionary concerning chinese, either en2cn or cn2en.
i'd try to push this, one of the widely used free chinese dictionary,
into Debian.
Emfox Zhou

GnuPG Public Key: 0xF7142EC2

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