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What's wrong with my defoma?

Hi, all,

Several days ago I typed a wrong command.  I'd thought to execute 'defoma-font 
register-all myfont.hints' while I actually execute 'defoma-hints 
register-all myfont.hints'.  After that  I can't use defoma-hints any longer.  
When I use 'defoma-hints truetype myfont.ttf', I always get the following 
error message:
"Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) 
at /usr/share/defoma/libperl-hint.pl line 43."

What's wrong with my defoma?  I have reinstalled it but it didn't help.  I 
searched on google and found that somebody else has met the same question 
before but there's no solution.

Please help me.  I don't know anything about perl so that I can't debug it. :(

Thanks in advance.


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