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Re: evolution的问题

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On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 11:20:44PM +0800, Qiu Minmin wrote:
> 不好意思问个问题, 我用evolution (sid中的)收别人发的群体信件,
> 就只能看到From和CC中各有一人,看不到全体收件人的地址。
> 点reply to ALL 也只能回复给这两个人。这是什么问题?还是evolution的bug?
Could you show the whole header of this mail?
> 还有evolution写邮件时如果用中文就不会自动换行,faint
It's a known bug of gtkhtml2 which used by evolution 1.4.x.
I think gtkhtml3 fixed it already. Please try evolution 1.5.x.

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