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Re: tcl and xcin input problem

Petr Simon wrote:
>this problem is for big5 too, but I guess almost everyone who reads big5 
>reads gb too and vise versa.
>The problem: I'd like to use Leo 
>(http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html) for my MA thesis in 
>chinese linguistics, which means that I have to input a lot of stuff 
>both in chinese and in my native language which has few diacritics. Leo 
>is written in Python and uses Tcl/Tk for it's GUI. I wrote to the author 
>and it really seems that  the problem is in Tcl/Tk, 'cause I have 
>another quite similar program in Python which is qt GUIed and it works 
>great with anything. Well Python handles unicode without a problem.
>Basically I can paste into it (fonts are quite bad), but I can't 
>directly type in.
>Any experience, help, pointers ?
>Thanks fo help
>P.S. Thanks to Andre for being always very helpful help ;-)
what other program you are talking about?
It Tcl/TK didn't convert encoding back to UTF it may be a parblem.
I don't know what kind of function you need for your thesis..
but personally if you want to use UTF, java app will be the best
choose from my experience.

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