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Re: any better chinese input method?


Thanks it works! The only thing is that Eterm takes long time
to start (Waiting for xfs-xtt to do something) and SCIM doesn't
work for Eterm. I think that's why SCIM is still 0.4. :-)

Anyway, I think I will stick with SCIM just for its ability
to adapt my input pattern to sort the word candidates.


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 abby wrote :
> Hello Min Xu:
> Your locale must be set to zh_CN.GB2312. use zh_CN.gbk instead.
> Min Xu(Hsu) wrote:
> >Anthony,
> >
> >Thanks, I figured it out too. I installed the pinyin package, but
> >the strange thing is that I can type and choose chinese characters
> >in SCIM, but the chosen characters won't go into the target applications,
> >like gedit or vi.
> >
> >I think it might be because I am using non-official XF 4.3.
> >
> >Again, can SCIM embed itself in the panel? I think the gtkimmodule
> >package might be for that usage, but how to use it?
> >
> >Thanks again,
> >
> >-Min
> >

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