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Re: Debian installation disk..

In article <abeq45$lte$1@news2.sinica.edu.tw> you wrote:
> Complete traditional Chinese installation support has been in the CVS
> tree for some time, however I am not sure if it will get in the first
> woody release or not.  You may have to wait for the next point release
> (3.0r1) for that, because boot-floppies froze at a very early date.
> Simplified Chinese translation of dbootstrap is yet quite incomplete,
> and AFAIK is disabled in the build scripts.

I just can't wait to give it a try. BTW, where I can get
the related information about the CVS of boot disk.

Can you show me ths url to it ?

> If you are fluent in simplified Chinese and wish to help, you may look
> into translating woody release notes (which can be obtained through
> the CVS web interface at cvs.debian.org) and have a developer commit it
> back to the tree.  The traditional Chinese translation already in place
> should make the work a little easier.

I use traditional Chinese so unable to help for simplified Chinese.

Thank you for your information.

Yuan-Chen Cheng

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