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Re: Debian installation disk..

Yuan-Chen Cheng <ycheng@oss.sinica.edu.tw> wrote:
> Is it possible that we have chinese (both traditional/simplified)
> version there ? What we can do to help this ?

Complete traditional Chinese installation support has been in the CVS
tree for some time, however I am not sure if it will get in the first
woody release or not.  You may have to wait for the next point release
(3.0r1) for that, because boot-floppies froze at a very early date.
Simplified Chinese translation of dbootstrap is yet quite incomplete,
and AFAIK is disabled in the build scripts.

If you are fluent in simplified Chinese and wish to help, you may look
into translating woody release notes (which can be obtained through
the CVS web interface at cvs.debian.org) and have a developer commit it
back to the tree.  The traditional Chinese translation already in place
should make the work a little easier.


Chuan-kai Lin

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