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Re: Use mozilla to print Chinese Big5 pages

Hello!  :-)
On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 01:16:52PM +0800, thhsieh@linux.org.tw wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use mozilla to print the Chinese (Big5) web pages,
> but I false. I have installed the following Debain packages, but
> I am not sure if it is enough or not. So, please give me suggestions.
> Thanks very much. :-))

> cmap-adobe-cns1		0+20010329-1
> cmap-adobe-gb1		0+20010329-1
> defoma			0.6.0
> gs			6.51-4
> gs-cjk-resource		1.20010910-1
> ttf-arphic-bkai00mp	2.10-1
> ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp	2.10-1

It is best upgrade these to use 2.10-5, which I uploaded two weeks ago.  :-)
2.10-1 did not use defoma, and hence can't be used for printing.

You may want to run the following commands:

	apt-get install psfontmgr x-ttcidfont-conf
	apt-get install ttf-arphic-bkai00mp ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp

> I also changed my /usr/lib/mozilla/defaults/pref/unix.js:
> From:
> 	pref("print.psnativefont.zh-TW", "");
> To:
> 	pref("print.psnativefont.zh-TW", "Arphic-MingB5-B5-H");
> and Add:
> 	pref("print.psnativecode.zh-TW", "big5");
> But it can't help.

Your setting should work after psfontmgr and the new ttf-arphic-b* packages
are installed.  However, I recommend using "Arphic-MingB5-ETen-B5-H",
or better yet, "ShanHeiSun-Light-ETen-B5-H".  ShanHeiSun-Light is the
original PostScript font name stored in bsmi00lp.ttf.  In Debian, the
original PostScript font name is used as the default, and Arphic-MingB5
was added as an alias to maintain compatibility with CLE.  (Actually,
the Debian JP developers wrote /etc/defoma/hints/ttf-arphic-bsmi00lp.hints
for me.  :-)

> I use the "print to file" and use 'less' command to view the output
> of postscript file. Its header is
> %!PS-Adobe-3.0
> ...
> % MozillaCharsetName: iso-8859-1
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    How to change it to, say, big5?

Same here.  Doesn't seem to matter.  What is important is that you see
something like:

	/NativeFont/ShanHeiSun-Light-ETen-B5-H def
	/NativeFont/Arphic-MingB5-ETen-B5-H def

in the PostScript file.

> The mozilla is started in the LC_CTYPE=zh_TW.Big5 locale environment.

You may start mozilla with any LC_CTYPE and it should still handle CJK
printing correctly if unix.js is set correctly.  :-)

Hope this helps,


Anthony Fok Tung-Ling
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