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Re: pydict broken?


Thanks for answering questions on my behalf, Ha Shao.  :-)

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 05:56:37PM +0800, ha shao wrote:
> Ok, after a closer look. The python package now added a conflict
> against pydict (<= 2.5.1-1). I think the intension is to force
> the package maintainers to update their packages to work with the
> new python2.x serie.
> So yes, you cannot install pydict without a force. Let's hope
> Foka will upload a new pydict package.
> Foka?
> -- 
> Best regard
> hashao

Yes, I am waiting for things to settle down before uploading
new pydict and lilypond packages, both of which use python.

The reason for my delay is that I do not yet have time to sit down and
examine the situation carefully.  I was notifed of this new Python
release about a week ago, but haven't tested pydict with python2.1 or
python2.2 yet.  I think I will have the updated package ready within a
few days, so before then, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. 



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