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Re: pydict broken?

> > I am using unstable branch. Recently I updated my packages, the pydict can't
> > be installed anymore, as there is a conflict between pydict and python.
> > However, pydict depends on python....
> > 
> > I am confused...anyone can help me? Thanks a lot!
> Someone bad to remove /usr/bin/python, seems there was
> discuss in python mail list, are you using python2 ?
> Just do :
> ln -sf /usr/bin/python2.1 /usr/bin/python 

I already has link. But when I use "dselect", i got the message:
pydict depends on python
pydict depends on python-gtk
python conflicts with pydict (<=

That's why i can't install pydict.
If i remove python, dependency failed, else, there will be a conflict.

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