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Re: Question about unicon-im and chinput

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 02:25:25PM +0800, zw@debian.org wrote:
> Su Yong <ysu@gnocis.org> writes:
> > 最后, 我觉得奇怪的是, 这个 mailing list 好象也接受没有 subscribe 的
> > email address 的邮件. 这不是给垃圾邮件提供了方便?
> it's a policy set by debian lists admins. the reasoning behind it is
> that many people have many email accounts. they sometime have to post
> from different accts. (in office, in home, or just don't remember what
> email acct is subscribed to what list. etc)

It seems most spams here are sent with some auto ad. mailers.
Take a look at their X-Sender headers. Mayber a filter against
those sender can be used.

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