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Re: Merge GB and Big5 Fonts...

On Sun, Aug 26, 2001 at 11:51:51PM +0800, edt1023@ms17.hinet.net wrote:
>   问题是 pfaedit 读 ascii data 有时会有错误,所以,如果是 bdf
>   字型的话,不如使用 xmbdfed 来 merge 了!不知道各位看法如何?
>   * maybe the problem is my dummy RAM! it's a pity that pfaedit
>     didn't have much documents. :(

读 ascii data 有问题属于臭虫,改了就没事儿了。用 xmbdfed 也
是一个办法。 pfaedit 的用户文件相当详细,不过我只看了关于它
内部字格式的 .sfd 说明和源码结构说明,其他的没仔细看。你如果
用的是cvs,应该在 htdocs/目录下,它自己的主页上也有。

>   Do anybody know how to "translate" a bdf to TTF?
>   We need the method(tech?), not the fonts.

I don't really know. But I remember someone converted a
taipei or some bdf 94x94 font to ttf loooong time ago. You
might found some useful thing in ifcss' software deposit.
The bdf's resolution is important for the final result.

Basically trace the bitmaps in bdf and write the data into
a ttf font. Or better, roaster the font to some higher 
resolution bitmaps, do graphic enhancement, do antialias 
on it, and then trace. Don't know if the extra steps help

Best regard

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