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[Fw. The Debian Description Translation Server]

retitle : 有人参与吗 ?   :-)

请不要问有没有需要, 只想知道有没有人有兴趣及时间 .. 有的话
我们可以组一小队去干. 每人都有不同处事的位置, 如果您认为没有
需要或是不喜欢这个作法, 请忽略我这个Forward讯息好了.

ps. 还未有在 Archives 处, 所以没有连结提供, 对不起.

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Hello all

We have started the Debian Description Translation Server. 

We start the translating of all package description and the server
support now four languages (de, fr, it and pt_BR).

The server started 9 weeks ago with german and the other languages started
1-2 Weeks ago. The German translation group has now translated 20% of
all Package descriptions from sid/main/binary-i386. The other
languages are at the beginning and need more help. 

How can you help?

You can translate some descriptions. Send a mail to
with the subject
	GET 1 <langpostfix> 
(substitute '<langpostfix>' with de, fr, it or pt_BR)

The server will send you a guide with more information and one
untranslated description. Read the guide, translate the description
and send it back.

How can I start a new language?

Now the server support only this four languages. If you will start a
new languages, ask grisu@debian.org

How can we use this translations?

We have set up  aptable translated Packages files. Add to
deb http://gluck.debian.org/~grisu/description_translation/aptable <langpostfix>/woody main
(or sid or potato ...)

Now we have only i386 Packages files. On request I can translate more
Packages files.

Is more help needed?


We need help to:
 - move the translated Packages files to ftp-master and the mirrors
 - patch APT (with a option, that download Package-<langpostfix>
 - maybe add real multilanguages support to APT and co.

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer http://www.debian.org
PGP: finger grisu@db.debian.org  -- Linux Sysadmin   -- Use Debian Linux
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 zur Ladezeit." -- unbekannte Quelle, aber oft wahr

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Best Regards,
Shell Hung   <shell@shellhung.org>

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