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Re: 接著如何 (问题二个)

【 在 evil@linuxhall.org (Lamer) 的大作中提到: 】
: and no one expect newbie to package something - if they want
: to, they should first try to know the system - and not doing the
: thing straightly. to be a packager, you need the following skills:
: - knowing what's going on with 'Makefile'
: - autoconf (maybe)
: - the file system structure
: if you don't have it, simply consult the NM guide, it has pointers
: everywhere.
ok, I understand and know what it is going, so could you *pleased*
teach me how to deal with this two case :

1. Someone requesting new package, and I made it, what to do now ?
   (What I did is send to [#Bug]@bugs and submits@bugs, also it
    CC to debian-devel@ too)
2. I want to take an orphaned package, what to do now ?

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