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Re: Displaying Chinese and English in Licq

【 在 lkleung@ee.cuhk.edu.hk (Lincoln Leung) 的大作中提到: 】
: Hi,
:       I upgraded to testing and installed licq 1.0.3 yesterday.
: Everything is alright but some minor problems occur in typing messages
: with both english and chinese. When I set the font to ttf-arphic and
: choose the big-5 encoding, only chinese can be displayed correctly. If I
: choose the iso-8859-1 encoding, only english can be displayed. Both
: chinese and english can be prompted when unicode is selected. However, the
: english characters are not as good as those with iso-8859. 
:       Can this be amended? Does this problem occur in testing only? By
: the way, is there any documentation on the format of .fontguess in Qt? 
: Thanks.
I am not sure if this is make sense or not, I have try to
use the encoding from setting of licq, but this won't work,
if I leave it null, everything working fine..
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