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Invitation Letter

Title: Bestwishes


I would like to invite you to join and become a member of bestwishes.com.hk.
我最近成為 bestwishes.com.hk 的會員,發覺這個網站很不錯。.

bestwishes.com.hk is now launching a member-get-member program and we have prepared three brandname handbags* prizes for three winners each week. This program will be last for one month and we will announce the result on 22th June, 29th June, 6th July and 13th July accordingly.

The more member you refer to join, the greater the chance you will win the prize. Please act now!!!

星之願現舉行為期一個月之"會員推薦計劃", 每星期將有三位幸運兒可贏取我們為你準備的三個名牌手袋*, 作為獎勵.

請於6月22日及29日, 7月6日及13日於本站查看結果.

只要介紹朋友愈多, 你的中獎機會愈大.



1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize

bestwishes.com.hk is an online shopping mall for the products of fashion, beauty, health...etc. In the community of bestwishes.com.hk, you can post message and chat with other members to exchange or shares your ideas and any news in the channel of "Forum".

My favourite in bestwishes.com.hk is to shop around the brand new or pre-owned brandname products of handbags, shoes, clothes, scarves, and living products etc, as they are at very bargain price.

What's more, bestwishes.com.hk> has added the features of "Pre-order" and Members' "Consignment Corner" recently to further improve its services.

To recommend a good friend, like you, to join now, I will be entitled to a chance of winning the prize such as Fendi handbags, IDD cash coupons and so on ... You will also entitle to join this referral program immediately and receive all the updated news from bestwishes.com.hk, their special offers from time to time... etc.

bestwishes.com.hk 的討論區,齊集城中最熱門話題,是我與其他網友交換情報、gossip的天地。





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