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Re: 如何安装xdm在init.d内

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 12:10:42PM +0800, raycho@guardtek.com.hk wrote:
>  1. 本人delete 了 /etc/init.d内的xdm,又用update-tc.d -f xdm
>  remove,现希望重加xdm在 /etc/init.d内,该如何做法?

你不应该删除 /etc/init.d/ 里的东西。其他 /etc/rc?.d 里需要的
你可以试一下 dpkg-reconfigure xdm ,可能不行,如果不行就只能
重新按装 xdm , apt-get install --reinstall xdm
然后可以用 update-rc.d 做设定。 man update-rc.d

> 2. 安装debian时,只选了安装windowmaker,因为没有 GNOME 和 K 选择,己在
> www.gnome.org
> 内找到并安可安装GNOME,但不知该如何启动,该如何做才可设定为default呢?

debian 有 gnome 包。
% apt-cache search gnome |grep task
task-gnome-apps - GNOME applications and utilities
task-gnome-desktop - GNOME basic desktop
task-gnome-games - GNOME games
task-gnome-net - GNOME network applications

 From /usr/share/doc/gnome-core/README.Debian:
The previous maintainers' .xinitrc file looked something like this:

# This calls our default window-manager
# You can replace the line above by seting a WINDOW_MANAGER environment
# variable to set your preferred WM.
export WINDOW_MANAGER=sawfish
# This starts up GNOME
exec /usr/bin/gnome-session

Note:  If you don't have gnome-session set up at the end of your
       .xinitrc where it does the "exec" (perhaps your window manager
       is there) - you won't be able to use the session manager to
       handle the logging out process (where it will save the state
       of all your apps).

> 最后有那一些途径可以较清晰、较容易的找到一些问题的资料呢?可使我这位新
> 手较容易掌握linux/debian.

man, /usr/share/doc/* debian-policy, debian faq, 有些问题是 Linux,
gnome, kde 的 FAQ , 看这些项目自己的文件, FAQ 还有就是各个 How-to。

Best regard

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