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Re: balsa不能用chinpu输入中文?

On Sun, Apr 29, 2001 at 03:39:51PM +0800, zw@debian.org wrote:
> As balsa, I suggest you go with mainstream applications, who knows
> where may be wrong with any single GNOME/KDE email clients? There're
> just too many of them.

You are kidding. I encourage people to use non-mainstream applications.
Especially those developer type people. The reason those non-mainstream
applications lack CJK support is because that there are not enough CJK 
users using the applications. Please help us to bring CJK to all 
kind of applications.

Find problem, try to solve it.

Balsa lack Chinese support. Someone want to get the source and
put in Chinese support? It looks like just copying Japanese/Korean
support for Chinese is enough.
When compose a message, choose Japanese language will let your
show Chinese (not good, huh?)

Best regard

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