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Re: =?cn-gb-2312?b?YmFsc2Gyu8Tc08NjaGlucHXK5A==?==?cn-gb-2312?b?yOvW0M7Eo78=?=

"zxf" <xu_feng@cn.hotvoice.com> writes:

> 我今天安装了balsa,显示都没有问题,但是输入中文的时候不能显示,出现了
> 输入条(长条的。)
> 请问balsa可是输入中文吗?或者是配置的问题?

Please don't send HTML email. It sucks.

As balsa, I suggest you go with mainstream applications, who knows
where may be wrong with any single GNOME/KDE email clients? There're
just too many of them.

I heard Kmail for KDE is good.
As always, Mozilla/Netscape is Okay but big.
I use XEmacs/Gnus maybe difficult for you to setup. ;)
wen uses XEmacs/Mew, which has very cool cat photos. ;)
Mutt is an alltime star. try it. if you have no clue.

All of the above would have no problem with Chinese. but minor tweaks
maybe needed. ask.
http://sourceforge.net/projects/dim ...... Debian Chinese Input Method
http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdlinux .. Debian running on Live! CDs
http://njlug.sourceforge.net ............ NanJing GNU/Linux User Group
http://people.debian.org/~zw ...................... XEmacs Screenshots

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