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Re: 中文输入的问题 (about chinese input)

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 11:28:05AM +0800, yungyuc@yungyuc.dhs.org wrote:
> > 各位好:
> >
> > 昨日我把我的 potato upgrade 成 unstable,upgrade 完成之后发现当我从远端
> > 登入之后却无法输入中文 (big5)。
> >
> There was a discussion on Chinese with telnet in this list a
> few days ago. Would you check the archive of this list for
> that? http://lists.debian.org/
> If you are not using telnet, it would be another story then.

No, I use ssh2. I know the discussion about the telnet issue, but it seems
not my case :( I am using a windows as client, debian unstable as server.
And I have not get my X configured after upgrade, so I can only connect from
the net to use Chinese.

I use tcsh-i18n_6.10 as login shell and I find out that if I enter bash 2.05
after login, I am able to type big5 characters! But if I change my login
shell to bash 2.05, it doesn't work, and even I enter tcsh under bash
work neither. I have tried to downgrade my tcsh back to tcsh-i18n_6.09, it
doesn't help.

I think maybe something goes wrong when I apt-get dist-upgrade, because
are a lot of many error occured when I was upgrading, and I contineously
retry to upgrade all the packages. I am not sure if there are some important
error message ignored by me...

Thanks for your opinion anyway. :)

with regards,
Yung-Yu Chen

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