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Re: dpkg: Update failures

Anthony Fok wrote:

Actually, not to /etc/environment, but to /etc/apt/apt.conf.
For example, I used to use this:

	Acquire::http::proxy "http://nocache.srv.ualberta.ca:8080/";;

Please let me know if that solves your problem.

Thanks for the info. More information can be found in apt.conf manpage. I should consult the manpages before asking. The manpage says that the environmental setting of http_proxy will override the apt.conf setting.

I don't know the result. I didn't try it again, because the previously mentioned problem resulted in an unusable system: some libraries were left unconfigurable and dpkg unusable and x-windows could not be started. All I have to do is to reinstall the whole system. I'm afraid upgrading may throw me into the same situation again.

I think it would be helpful if one has the option of testing before actually install or remove a package. The dpkg sometimes unpacks packages before finding out that the dependency requirement cannot be met. That seems to be the cause of my problem.


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