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Re: Progeny Linux - i18n?

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Lamer wrote:
> Do we have any plan on i18nizing Progeny Linux with the existing debian
> components we got? by the way, any guide for i18ning progeny linux?

Could you please be more specific?  :-)  (Actually, I guess I just don't
fully understand your question.)  AFAIK, Progeny's developers, many of
whom are Debian developers themselves, simply use the same i18n components
from Debian.  Now, as for the Progeny-specific software that is not yet
i18nized, I don't know.  Talk to Branden Robinson, John Goerzen, or other
Progeny Debian developers and see what they say.

Other than that, basically, if you improve the i18n in Debian,
the improvements will eventually get into Progeny.  :-)



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