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About the glibc.pot file.

Hello world.
    I coverted the zh_TW.po of glibc into GB and modified
some translations in it. But I found some problems there
and I would discuss them with you later. I'll post it to
debian-gb group and ask for more help.

    My convertion to zh_CN.po(GB) was placed in my project
directory. The URL is here:
Check it there please. 

In file malloc/mcheck.c
   msgid "memory clobbered before allocated block\n"
   I'm not sure the translation in zh_TW.po and it made me confused. :(
We need to discuss. I read the source and I think it mean system
finds a fetal error when checking memory, and the error locates before
the allocated block. Maybe I made mistakes. 

In file locale/programs/charmap.c:
msgid "upper limit in range is not higher then lower limit"
It's "then" but not "than". Is it a type? How about asking GCC Team?
I just subscribe the gcc-bugs maillist for this reason. If someone 
has done that, would you like to ask that? Thank you.

In file elf/dl-reloc.c:
msgid "can't restore segment prot after reloc"
The "prot" here is a problem. Is it "port" or "prot"? A typo or not.

More will be post later.

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