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[Fwd: gdm 的 language menu]

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Correct me if I'm wrong.. cuz I'm not sure either but
locale.gen if for your system existing locale. which general the system locale
message and all those good stuff in /usr/lib/locale/yourstuff
e.g /usr/share/i18n/charmap + /usr/share/i18n/locale/ -> /usr/lib/locale/stuff
so..that is shell stuff ( this part I'm not sure ) and the program get string
base on gettext from libc and your enviroment veriable
e.g. LC_MESSAGES="locale"

then you get into X where they get another alias to display the locale right
which is for the app in X to display for the relative locale same way upthere
and they should get the similar format. OK back to the main question.
alias is good for some text get more then one kind of encoding, one may be a
sub-set of another. Then i think the alias come into place just kind of bind
them together using one locale which different alias. And it also point
everything to the right directory.
then again .. should gdm ( I never use it..sorry ) use the alias, I think so.
One think i know is it get the gettext mo file in
so... with the alias I think you get to see chinese with only zh_TW in your
LC_MESSAGES export. I'm not sure about this.. so... please point out my mistake.
But one think I know without the alias in X, even you get the mo file and the
locale supported.. it will stop and warn you say your system is not support
zh_HK.Big5HKSCS.. (i'm using that. ) I have to add alias myself.

> On Mon, Dec 25, 2000 at 02:45:18PM +0800, Jonathan Chang wrote:
> |On Sun, 24 Dec 2000, Anthony Wong wrote:
> |
> |> Hi,
> |>
> |> 剛試了 gdm 一下, 發覺它的 language 菜單沒有中文選項的.. 原來那個
> |> 選單是由 /etc/locale.alias 所產生的。大家覺得有要求加入 zh_*
> |> /etc/locale.alias 的必要嗎? 否則我想不到法子啦...
> |>
> |Agree! Can you do this, Wong?
> |
> |Jonathan Chang
> 但想了一下, gdm 不應從 /etc/locale.alias 中取出語言, 應是
> /etc/locale.gen 才對......
> Anthony
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