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Re: 请问那里可以下载debian的source的iso募?

First off, if you are getting the CD image to burn a CD to install Debian...
that won't work.. You need to read the rsyn download if you want a person
install CD...
But if you look at the Debian site at all you will know.. Debian don't really
suggest people do that.. just the fact that Dselect will do everything for you
after you get your base system setup.... if you want to just download the base
system install image
If you are going to do a mirror site... take a look at
that will tell you why you need a password for the location you try to ftp
that is mainly for rsync and the password you need to email the maintainer
I hope that help a little... for your situation more question you can look the
debian site or email me alex@dentonlive.com

P.S. sorry I keep typing english here... I type english a lot faster then

> 这里怎么要密码?
> 谁能告诉我密码?或者,别的不需要密码的下载点?
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