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Re: dbootstrap.pot.1.2.gb ·­Ò룬ÇëУ¶Ô



hashao> #: bootconfig.c:380
hashao> #, c-format
hashao> msgid ""
hashao> "Creation of the boot floppy failed. Please make sure that the floppy was not "
hashao> "write-protected, and that you put it in the %s drive. Try another floppy if "
hashao> "the problem persists."
hashao> msgstr ""
hashao> "建立启动软盘失败。请确定软盘的禁止写入开关没有打开而软盘已放入软驱 %s 里。"
                           请确认放入软驱 %s 里的软盘是非写保护的.(感觉简单易懂些)

hashao> #: bootconfig.c:613
hashao> #, c-format
hashao> msgid ""
hashao> "You have chosen to write the aboot bootloader to the boot sectors of %s.  "
hashao> "This will destroy your ability to boot any other operating systems on this "
hashao> "disk. Are you sure you want to do this?"
hashao> msgstr ""
hashao> "你选择了把 aboot 启动加载程序写入 %s 的启动扇区。如果这样做,你将不能"
hashao> "启动这个硬盘上的其它操作系统,能确定要这么做?"

hashao> #: bootconfig.c:859
hashao> msgid ""
hashao> "Couldn't run miloctl on the installed MILO.  MILO will not boot "
hashao> "automatically when started."
hashao> msgstr ""
hashao> "在已安装的 MILO 上运行 miloctl 命令失败,将不能使用 MILO 自动启动。"
                                                  开机后将不能使用 MILO 自动启动。

hashao> #: bootconfig.c:1263 bootconfig.c:1294
hashao> msgid "Can't allocate memory"
hashao> msgstr "不能分配到内存"

hashao> #: floppy_modules.c:228 floppy_modules.c:327 floppy_modules.c:472
hashao> msgid "Critical Error"
hashao> msgstr "紧急错误"

hashao> #: bootconfig.c:1316
hashao> msgid "Cannot stat device"
hashao> msgstr "不能在设备上使用 stat 命令"
               不能使用 stat 命令得到设备信息

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