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Re: 按装盘 dbootstrap.pot 翻译文件认领 (part 1 of 2, file dbootstrap.1)

# Debian's dbootstrap messages template file.
# Enrique Zanardi <ezanard@debian.org>, 1999.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: dbootstrap 2.2.0\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2000-12-06 13:49+0800\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSET\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: ENCODING\n"

#: baseconfig.c:19
msgid ""
"Your swap partition has not been set up.\n"
"Before you begin installation, you must first partition your disk, and then
"initialize and mount your root filesystem, and initialize a swap
"Please use the main menu to complete any of those steps that you have not "
"done, and then use the main menu to return to this step."
msgstr ""

#: baseconfig.c:19
msgid "No swap partition found"
msgstr "未能找到置换分割"

#: baseconfig.c:204
msgid "Can't open /target/etc/environment "
msgstr "不能开启 /target/etc/environment "

#: baseconfig.c:204 baseconfig.c:226 baseconfig.c:271 baseconfig.c:281
#: kbdconfig.c:219
msgid "Write error"
msgstr "写入错误"

#: baseconfig.c:208 baseconfig.c:211 baseconfig.c:379 choose_medium.c:683
msgid "C"
# evil: 好像不能译吧。
msgstr ""

#: baseconfig.c:226
msgid "Can't open /target/etc/fstab "
msgstr "不能开启 /target/etc/fstab "

#: baseconfig.c:239
msgid ""
"# /etc/fstab: static file system information.\n"
# "# <file system>\t<mount point>\t<type>\t<options>\t\t\t<dump>\t<pass>\n"
"# <档案系统>\t<接入点>\t<分割格式>\t<选项>\t\t\t<dump>\t<pass>\n"

msgstr ""

#: baseconfig.c:271
msgid "Error writing /target/etc/fstab "
msgstr "不能写入 /target/etc/fstab"

#: baseconfig.c:281
msgid "Can't open /target/etc/console-tools/config "
msgstr "不能开启 /target/etc/console-tools/config "

#: baseconfig.c:297
msgid "You have to install base for configuring it"
msgstr "你需要装入基本系统以设定它"

#: baseconfig.c:297
msgid "Base not installed"
msgstr "基本系统并未安装"

#: baseconfig.c:384
#, c-format
msgid ""
"No modules were found in /target/lib/modules/%s that could be configured. "
"Please install the modules first."
msgstr ""
"在 %s 并未能找到能够被设定的模组"

#: baseconfig.c:385 bootconfig.c:314 bootconfig.c:319 bootconfig.c:324
#: bootconfig.c:332 bootconfig.c:337 bootconfig.c:342 bootconfig.c:351
#: bootconfig.c:379 bootconfig.c:598 bootconfig.c:709 bootconfig.c:734
#: bootconfig.c:896 bootconfig.c:913 bootconfig.c:1647 bootconfig.c:1693
#: bootconfig.c:1703 bootconfig.c:1720 bootconfig.c:1742 bootconfig.c:1750
#: bootconfig.c:1777 bootconfig.c:1785 bootconfig.c:1799 bootconfig.c:1855
#: bootconfig.c:1862 floppy_modules.c:155 floppy_modules.c:219
#: floppy_modules.c:421 http-fetch.c:269 http-fetch.c:291 http-fetch.c:446
#: http-fetch.c:456 http-fetch.c:482 http-fetch.c:498 kbdconfig.c:209
#: main.c:689 main.c:702 main.c:726 main_menu.c:240 net-fetch.c:584
#: net-fetch.c:602 netconfig.c:172 netconfig.c:235 netconfig.c:278
#: netconfig.c:281 netconfig.c:285 netconfig.c:319 netconfig.c:424
#: partition_config.c:332 partition_config.c:462 partition_config.c:495
#: partition_config.c:565 select_not_mounted.c:104 select_not_mounted.c:106
msgid "Problem"
msgstr "问题"

#: bootconfig.c:106 bootconfig.c:211 bootconfig.c:1759
msgid "Copying the operating system kernel..."
msgstr "正在复制系统核心"

#: bootconfig.c:170
msgid "Formatting the floppy...\n"
msgstr "正在格式化磁盘"

#: bootconfig.c:181
msgid "Creating a filesystem on the floppy..."
msgstr "正在磁盘上制作档案系统"

#: bootconfig.c:225
msgid "Writing the configuration files...\n"
msgstr "写入设置档中..."

#. TRANS: The next message has to be DOS formatted for syslinux.
#: bootconfig.c:284
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Linux will be started automatically using the kernel on this floppy
"The root filesystem will be mounted from %s .\n"
"When you start to type a command at the \"boot:\" prompt, the automatic\n"
"bootstrap process will stop. You may then type the name of the kernel to\n"
"use followed by any kernel options in the form option=value.\n"
"The kernel must be on the floppy disk in the first floppy drive. A
"file called \"linux\" was installed on this floppy when it was created. If
"wish to use a kernel on the hard disk, remove the floppy and press RESET\n"
msgstr ""
"Linux 将会由这片磁碟启动\n"
"根目录将会从 %s 挂上。\n"
"当你在 \"boot:\" 提示号前打入命令,\n"
"以及对应的核心选项 (格式是:option=value.)\n"
"一个名为 \"linux\" 的档案会被装上这张磁碟之上,如果你想用"

#: bootconfig.c:302 bootconfig.c:750 choose_medium.c:113 choose_medium.c:143
#: choose_medium.c:169 floppy_merge.c:148
msgid "first"
msgstr "第一个"

#: bootconfig.c:313
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for Amiga."
msgstr "你并不能在 Amiga 电脑上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:318
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for VME."
msgstr "你并不能在 VME 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:323
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for the Macintosh."
msgstr "你并不能在 Mac 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:331
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for PowerPC/apus."
msgstr "你并不能在 PowerPC/APUS 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:336
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for PowerPC/CHRP."
msgstr "你并不能在 PowerPC/CHRP 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:341
msgid "Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for PowerPC/PowerMac."
msgstr "你并不能在 PowerPC/PowerMac 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:350
msgid ""
"Creating a boot floppy is still not possible for Alphas that boot from
msgstr ""
"你并不能在使用 MILO 的 Alpha 上建立启动盘"

#: bootconfig.c:360
#, c-format
msgid ""
"You are not using the RAM-disk, and thus the Installation Root Disk in the
"first floppy drive cannot be removed.\n"
"If your second floppy drive is the same size as the first one, you can use
"it to write a boot floppy which you will place in the first drive when you
"boot the system. Otherwise, you can skip this step and use the Debian
Rescue "
"floppy to boot your hard disk by typing \"linux root=%s\" at the \"boot: \"
"prompt, or you may be able to boot directly from the hard disk.\n"
"Use the second floppy drive to create a boot floppy?"
msgstr ""
"你并非在使用 RAM-Disk, 所以安装时在软碟机中的第一只碟"
"用它来写入你的启动盘,否则,你就只能用 Debian 的 Rescue floppy "
",在 \"boot:\" 的提示下,以 \"linux root=%s\" 来启动电脑"

#: bootconfig.c:362
msgid "Use Second Floppy Drive?"
msgstr "用第二个软碟机吗?"

#: bootconfig.c:365 bootconfig.c:750 choose_medium.c:113 choose_medium.c:143
#: choose_medium.c:169 floppy_merge.c:148
msgid "second"
msgstr "第二个"

#: bootconfig.c:369
msgid ", formatted"
msgstr ", 格式化了的"

#: bootconfig.c:372
msgid "Change Disk"
msgstr "更换磁碟"

#: bootconfig.c:373
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Please place a blank%s floppy disk in the %s floppy disk drive, and press "
msgstr ""
"请你把空白的%s 放置在 %s 的软碟机内,然后按 "

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