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Re: Translation of the Dedication paper

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 03:04:18PM +0800, thhsieh@linux.org.tw wrote:
> : ¤¤¤åĶ¤å§¨Âø¦b¤¤¶¡. ­^¤å­ì¤å¤]¦³¨Ç§R¸`. ¤¤¤åĶ¤å¨Ã«D Debian ªº¥¿¦¡¤å¥ó.
> : Ķ¤å¤åµ§¥ç¦³¤£³q¶¶¤§³B, ¬Æ¦ÜÂÕ»~, ·q½Ð½Ñ¦ì¦P¤¯«ü¥¿. ­Y¦³»Ý­n¦b´CÅ餤¤Þ
> : ¥Î¦¹¤¤¤åĶ¤åªÌ, ¸U½Ð¨Æ¥ý©º±o¥¿¦¡ªº Debian Developers ªº¦P·N. ¸U¸U.
> Hi, »¯½«¥S:
> Ū¨ì³o«h®ø®§¡A§Ú¤ß¤¤¬Û·íÃø¹L°û±¤¡AÁöµM§Ú¨Ã¤£»{ÃÑ Joel Klecker¡A¤]¨S
> Å¥¹L¥Lªº¨ÆÂÝ¡C§Ú·Q±N³o«h®ø®§Âà¶K¨ì cle-devel@linux.org.tw ¥H¤Î 
> tlug@linux.org.tw ¨â­Ó mailing list, ¤£ª¾¹D¥i¤£¥i¥H©O¡H

Sorry I've just noticed my settings on this box cannot support 
zh_TW.Big5 very well...

[I forwarded this mail to debian-chinese-{gb,big5}@lists.debian.org]

I have no objection if you post it into cle-devel@linux.org.tw
and tlug@linux.org.tw, but please let know this is not official
translation, some mistakes may be in there, etctera...

and if we could get Foka and other formal Debian developers'
agreements, and/or modification for the translation would be

Joel AFAIK, is the glibc maintainer. And he joined Debian
leader 2000 election (?)

Best regards,

zhaoway <zw@zhaoway.com>

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