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Re: netscape ¨ÏX-Window Exit

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 03:24:29PM +0800, Wang Jian wrote:
> Èç¹û window manager Í˳öµÄ»°, Ò²»áÊÇÕâÖÖ X Server Í˳öµÄÏÖÏó.

pur.. ÕâÊÇÕý³£µÄѽ

to quote: (man startx)

The .xinitrc is typically a shell script which starts many
clients according to the  user's  preference.   When  this
shell  script  exits, startx kills the server and performs
any other session shutdown needed.  Most  of  the  clients
started  by .xinitrc should be run in the background.  The
last client should run in the foreground; when  it  exits,
the session will exit.  People often choose a session man-
ager, window manager, or xterm as the `magic'' client.

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