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Re[4]: The meeting with Boshiamy result

我想, 你把字形和编码的概念弄混了. 那个 fan 字体, 是用的 GBK(GB2312) 编码,
但字形用的是繁体字形. 这就是说, 如果一个 GB2312 编码的文本, 在 GB2312
的环境下, 可以用简体或繁体字形来显示, 大陆人看得懂, 台湾人也看得懂.

Friday, July 21, 2000, 3:46:08 AM, you wrote:

TC> I downloaded those 88 fonts a few months ago.  The "jian" ones (e.g.,
TC> fzssjw.ttf) do not have all the characters in GBK, but just the GB2312 (as
TC> far as I can tell) ones--no problem here.  However, the "fan" ones (e.g.,
TC> fzssfw.ttf) are very odd--while the glyphs are "fan" (traditional) ones,
TC> they are allocated in the positions for their simplified
TC> equivalents--something is wrong with the CMAP table in the fonts.  e.g.,
TC> simplified guo2 'country' is in U+56FD in the "jian" version fzssjw.ttf,
TC> which is okay, but traditional guo2 'country' is in *U+56FD in the "fan"
TC> version fzssfw.ttf, when it should really be at U+570B in that file.  It


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