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Re: DebConf 2012 in Taiwan?

Dear JB,

(Consider this is DebConf and SPI IRC meeting related, Cc'ed to
debian-chinese-big5@lists.debian.org, Joerg Jaspert and keep original

Jia-Bin Huang wrote:
> 我很佩服你能去西班牙參加DebConf 2009,我建議要不要你起個頭,帶領臺灣
> Debian社群討論“DebConf 2012在臺灣舉行”這個題目?至少臺灣Debian社群未來幾
> 年有一個共同的目標和話題,或許可以讓社群因此而成長。

Thanks for your highly encouraged feedbacks. We are going to have a
mini-DebConf in Taiwan next month:

Also, thank you for your suggestion to me on leads Taiwanese Debian
Community to have DebConf 2012 in Taiwan. I am sure this would be a good
topic that we can discuss further during mini-DebConf with other DDs and
all attenders.

BTW, we would have a public IRC meeting in #spi-tw channel on oftc.net,
namely "does Taiwanese Debian community need to have a global presence
through opening its Doman name to SPI(Software in the Public Interest)?".
See this thread:

Please join the meeting and forward the info to other 30 people if you
have their contact information through the Taiwan Debian Meeting/Debian
Birthday Party last weekend.

> 我找幾個Debian人一同到玉里去看你,好嗎?

Surely welcome!! Please let me know when are you coming to visit me by
an another private mail. I'd love to meet you guys again in my Yuli
township. \o/

Kindly regards,


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