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Re: Debian Birthday Party in Taiwan, possible?

I'm crossing my fingers for the new policy will really work. That is a really promising commitment/challenge. XD

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:37 PM, Rex Tsai <chihchun@kalug.linux.org.tw> wrote:

 Well, we are trying to make ourself believe the "new freeze policy of
Debian project" (TM) will work. Anyway, good luck to holding the event. :-)

best regards

Andrew Lee wrote on 08/11/2009 09:45 PM:
> So what you are saying was motoweb team of debian.org.tw *paused* to
> have Debian Birthday Party but would like to have Debian new Release
> Party at end of this year?
> How can you/motoweb team so sure there is a new Debian release in the
> end of this year? Would you mind to provide us more info? :p
> -Andrew
> Rex Tsai wrote:
>>   Not the new motoweb release, but new Debian release. :)
>> regards
>> -Rex
>> Andrew Lee wrote on 08/11/2009 08:55 PM:
>>> Dear Debian folks in Taiwan,
>>> Just had a conversation(see below) with chihchun on IRC and confirmed
>>> that they(he with the motoweb team) won't have time for Debian Birthday
>>> Party this month. But they will cook ideas for local community, which
>>> will be discussed at the event for the new motoweb release in the end of
>>> this year.
>>> 19:27 < AndrewLee> chihchun: BTW, any info for the Debian Birthday Party
>>> this year?
>>> 19:28 < chihchun> AndrewLee: paused, motoweb team like to have release
>>> party at end of this year
>>> 19:28 < DreamerC> Debian Birthday Party this year. Does anyone have any
>>> idea?
>>> 19:28 < AndrewLee> chihchun: what release party at end of this year?
>>> 19:29 < AndrewLee> chihchun: a new motoweb?
>>> 19:29 < chihchun> DreamerC: you and AndrewLee may hold the event, if you
>>> are available. :)
>>> 19:29 < chihchun> AndrewLee: No, the others don't have time for DBP this
>>> month
>>> 19:30 < AndrewLee> chihchun: got it.
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> AndrewLee: and we had some ideas about local
>>> community, which will be discussed at the event for the new release
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> we means the motoweb team
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> currently , there are no really plan but idea. the
>>> plan might be cooked in next few months
>>> Thanks to the motoweb team. They organized and contributed to Debian
>>> Birthday Party for many years in the past.
>>> I really enjoyed in DBP before and would like to *volunteer* for DBP in
>>> Taiwan this year as I'd like to share a special version of Debian which
>>> I bring back from DebConf9.
>>> But I don't want to be the only one who would like to have DBP this
>>> year. So please drop me a message by mail or IRC or anything if you want
>>> to have DBP this year as well.
>>> Let's see if the super cow power exist in Taiwan or not? :D
>>> -Andrew

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