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Re: Debian Birthday Party in Taiwan, possible?

  Well, we are trying to make ourself believe the "new freeze policy of
Debian project" (TM) will work. Anyway, good luck to holding the event. :-)

best regards

Andrew Lee wrote on 08/11/2009 09:45 PM:
> So what you are saying was motoweb team of debian.org.tw *paused* to
> have Debian Birthday Party but would like to have Debian new Release
> Party at end of this year?
> How can you/motoweb team so sure there is a new Debian release in the
> end of this year? Would you mind to provide us more info? :p
> -Andrew
> Rex Tsai wrote:
>>   Not the new motoweb release, but new Debian release. :)
>> regards
>> -Rex
>> Andrew Lee wrote on 08/11/2009 08:55 PM:
>>> Dear Debian folks in Taiwan,
>>> Just had a conversation(see below) with chihchun on IRC and confirmed
>>> that they(he with the motoweb team) won't have time for Debian Birthday
>>> Party this month. But they will cook ideas for local community, which
>>> will be discussed at the event for the new motoweb release in the end of
>>> this year.
>>> 19:27 < AndrewLee> chihchun: BTW, any info for the Debian Birthday Party
>>> this year?
>>> 19:28 < chihchun> AndrewLee: paused, motoweb team like to have release
>>> party at end of this year
>>> 19:28 < DreamerC> Debian Birthday Party this year. Does anyone have any
>>> idea?
>>> 19:28 < AndrewLee> chihchun: what release party at end of this year?
>>> 19:29 < AndrewLee> chihchun: a new motoweb?
>>> 19:29 < chihchun> DreamerC: you and AndrewLee may hold the event, if you
>>> are available. :)
>>> 19:29 < chihchun> AndrewLee: No, the others don't have time for DBP this
>>> month
>>> 19:30 < AndrewLee> chihchun: got it.
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> AndrewLee: and we had some ideas about local
>>> community, which will be discussed at the event for the new release
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> we means the motoweb team
>>> 19:30 < chihchun> currently , there are no really plan but idea. the
>>> plan might be cooked in next few months
>>> Thanks to the motoweb team. They organized and contributed to Debian
>>> Birthday Party for many years in the past.
>>> I really enjoyed in DBP before and would like to *volunteer* for DBP in
>>> Taiwan this year as I'd like to share a special version of Debian which
>>> I bring back from DebConf9.
>>> But I don't want to be the only one who would like to have DBP this
>>> year. So please drop me a message by mail or IRC or anything if you want
>>> to have DBP this year as well.
>>> Let's see if the super cow power exist in Taiwan or not? :D
>>> -Andrew

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