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Re: User support for the debian-chinese-*

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  This is interesting, this thread is probably one of the most active in
  last couple months. :-)

  My option is to merge these two mailing list.

  Even though the list is most helping Debian users solve their
problems, and users feel more comfortable when using the characters they
can read. But there are already many local user group[1] set up online
forum for helping out the users, which makes the mission of these two
mailing lists marginal.

  Some people would say Debian is doing very good on supporting Chinese.
But it does not mean we can stop the mailing list. Still, there are many
decisions need to be made for the new packages and releases. And both
encodings/languages communities are sharing these results of these
decisions, since we are sharing the basically infrastructures for fonts,
input method, configurations.

  The mailing list is the right place to submit Chinese-related
suggestions, which is the place that Debian Developers can discuss and
work together. A boundary of mailing encodings will make this kind of
discussions difficult. And most of the modern softwares support
big5/gb2312/unicode without problems, people can easily read the
messages or translate the encodings by themselves. There is not need to
split the mailing lists by encodings.

best regards
- -Rex

1. http://www.chinalinuxpub.com/bbs/forumdisplay.php?f=73
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