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Re: User support for the debian-chinese-*

The mail archive is not a problem[1], and mail send from list has
charset specific in mail header.

The only problem(maybe not a problem) is user will recieve both
traditional chinese and simple chinese. hmm, and libhz maybe can do
something magic on it. :)

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/charset.html#h-5.3.1

Andrew Lee wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not lists manager. But I guess the only way to solve this is only
> accept UTF-8 encoding if the two lists are merged.
> 我不是 list 管理者。但我覺得若要合併,唯一解決的辦法是使用 UTF-8 當作唯
> 一編碼,如同 Kanru 說的,在郵件客戶端轉成自己的喜好。
> 我們還是聽聽 list 管理者的想法吧。
> -Andrew
> Deng Xiyue wrote:
>> 在 2008-05-06二的 00:09 +0800,Zu写道:
>>> 其实我感觉没有必要去区分使用者的编码是简体还是繁体
>> 问题在于 mail archive 需要指定编码。

Best Regards,
Ding Honghui

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