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Re: question about Linux

Hi there,

New user can always get friendly support from http://moto.debian.org.tw
or perhaps you can buy one recommended book from: http://0rz.tw/313M1

good luck,

493920156 提到:
> Hi 
> I’m studying at FU JEN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. And I have a school project to try out Linux and Open Office in PC. But, before doing that, I have three questions would need your advice.
> 1.	Does your company offer free update service? (Like “Windows Update”?)
> 2.	Does your company offer Version Upgrade? If yes, what will be the impact to existing version user? Or your company will only offer release upgrade and I don’t have to do anything but just download the new release from your web side?
> 3.	About two questions, will they be any cost to me? 

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